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Reliable & Cost Efficient Recruitment Agency With offices in Boston, St. Louis and Manila Philippines

About Our Agency

Reliable & Cost Efficient Recruitment Agency

We at VAS360 pride ourselves in providing our clients with the best of the best, we do not compromise the hiring process and we always guarantee quality.

Pathway for both employer and employee.

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Osvaldo (OZ) Rodriguez

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Our History

Taking a Look Back of Our History

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Fast Growing Company

In 2022 we opened our office in Manila Philippines in order to support the largest inventory of virtual assistance in the world.

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Future Expansion

By 2025 VAS360 should have its operations launched in Los Angeles California.


Started in Boston Massachusetts

Starting as a small start up in 2020 in Boston Massachusetts, we built and created a great staffing model that was expandable for virtual assistants.

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Best Staffing Talent Award

In 2023 we opened our second US office in St. Louis Missouri, helping businesses across the Midwest in supplying them with virtual assistant talent.

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Team Behind Us

Our Experience & Team

The team at VAS360 is compiled of 25 years experience in the staffing industry, making VAS360 the most versatile staffing agency for virtual assistants in the US.

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Full Time

Ahmed Abusharbain

Founder & CEO

Osvaldo (OZ) Rodriguez

Founder & President
Our Excellence

Awards & Major Achievements

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Best of Staffing Talent Award

  • Year:2009-2010
  • Award by:Los Vegas Business Time
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Best Companies to Work in Texas

  • Year:2012-2013
  • Award by:Sparks Group
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Fast Growing Staffing Firms

  • Year:2015
  • Award by:Dallas Association 100
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Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction

  • Year:2018-2019
  • Award by:Forbes International